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All the time we hear how attractive Invitation In A Bottle® in-person. Now you can experience it yourself. The purpose of the sample package is for you to experience the quality of bottle invitations and announcements.

Thinking of sending a message in a bottle invitation, but not quite sure yet? These bottle invitation samples may help you get off the fence and make your upcoming celebration a real event to not miss.

Each sample set comes with all that you will get when you order random message in a bottle invitation from us. While our bottle announcement and invitation samples will contain pre-made templates and wording, you are guaranteed the quality of the materials we will use will be the same.

  • Your choice of message in a bottle/s.
  • Comes with everything from bottle, printed parchment paper, RSVP card, and shipping box
  • May come with other additions such as mailing label, custom postage stamp, bottle engraving / etching and imprint label.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


Want to see a sample? Let us send you one! Choose from any of our standard bottle types.

Thinking of sending a message in a bottle invitation, but not quite sure yet? These bottle invitation samples may help you get off the fence and make your upcoming celebration a real event to not miss.

Samples are not customized with your wording. It is a random item from our production of the bottle type you select above.

Feel free to order more than one sample (max 3 samples per customer) if you like to see different designs.

81 reviews for Sample

  1. Amanda Doyle,Palmer, AK United States

    We’re very pleased with the available option for sample before we were to commit to our wedding invitations ordering. The sample came very fast and we ordered one in glass and one in plastic, which helped us make our decision between the two. It came as a wonderful representation of what our invites will look like, making us confident in our decision to shop with the company.

  2. Mia Lopez,miami, FL United States

    Exactly what we were looking for…

  3. Cathy,Lexington, KY United States

    Sample arrived really fast. It was a very easy decision to order products from this company.
    They just beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for creating a great product!!!

  4. KH,Los Angeles, CA United States

    So far I have only ordered the samples, but they were really cute, I love the whole idea!!

  5. Kiffini Dula,Cibolo, TX United States

    The bottles were beautiful and I am very excited about possibly ordering them for my wedding once all the details have been established. I was however a little disappointed that I ordered the paradise palm samples but received the tropical resort bottle and my plastic bottle sample had a huge dent on the side so there is a little concern that the plastic ones that I order for my wedding will be dented. I do have to say that invitations in a bottle are a really unique and wonderful idea.

  6. Kelly,DeLand, FL United States

    This definitely will make the party much more creative! I would absolutely say that this was a great item to purchase! Message in a bottle invitation sample is priced very reasonably. I looked around a lot. This website has the best value and most designs by far.

  7. ,

    Due to the sand, the bottle was cloudy. Overall, I expected a little better quality.

  8. Teresa Peruzzi,Atlanta, GA United States

    I ordered a glass bottle and a plastic bottle sample to compare and contrast the two – and I’m really glad I did…I was originally thinking I would just mail out the plastic bottle without a box…but when I received the samples, Glass bottle won, hands down. (Tropical sand, seashells and umbrella = The cutest and most fun beach wedding invitation ever!)

  9. Mary Donohue,North Wales, PA United States

    I thought that the platic bottle would have come without the box. Since I wanted to send mine without the box I wanted to see how they would look after going through the mail . I’m also not entirely convinced I won’t have problems at the post office if I were to send them myself. I also have a concern about the response cards. They are thin and curl up since they are wrapped with the invitation. I’m worried that they might get lost or ruined in the mail when they are sent back by my guests. I could always use the box I guess but I don’t really want to spend the extra money since I’m having a large wedding and I thought it would be neat to have a bottle in the mail (instead of a box)

  10. Amy Twarling,Gretna, NE United States

    Sample was great!!!

  11. Dawn Garzoli,Petaluma, CA United States

    Sand was all over the box and then all over my car.

  12. Jennifer Miller,Jacksonville, FL United States

    I just received the plastic message in a bottle to see if it might be something that I’d use as a wedding invitation. These are so cute and so very unique that I wish I could see the look on everyone’s faces when they see a bottle in their mailbox. I’ll definitely be ordering these for my wedding invitations when I get married next summer!! Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  13. Annalies Hernandez,Portsmouth, VA United States

    I really like this idea. It is very unique as well as fun. What I didn’t care for was how difficult it was to open bottle as well as untie ribbon. I have small, nimble fingers and it was quite the task!

    Also, when I ordered the sample I do not remember seeing options for ‘background’ pictures, like the ones on the address label and reply card. Also being able to choose font would be helpful.

    All in all if I were to get decide on a wedding (instead of eloping) I would choose to use invitation in a bottle. I would consider ordering by phone so I could have a company rep. walk me through my options.

    Cute idea 🙂

  14. Cindy Samide,Syosset, NY United States

    I have ordered the glass bottle sample previously and not ordered the plastic. I will be going with the glass bottles and believe I will be placing an order for the glass bottles.

  15. DANA TOLSTON,RAEFORD , NC United States

    I ordered an example and I am going to order these for my daughters wedding invitations.. love them

  16. Darlin,Newark, NJ United States

    Delivery was fast and the sample looked just like the one on the website. Im definetly buying my invitations from you.

  17. William Zimmerman,San Diego, CA United States

    the sand wasn’t as fine as another companies sample. this was more course. I ended up purchasing from the other company.

  18. Sara Morrone,Manalapan, NJ United States

    I love the invitation in a bottle. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I don’t need them for a while but in about a year I’ll be placing an order! Thank you.

  19. Sheryl Brasile,North Branford, CT United States

    Very good quality..I ordered the glass sample and the plastic…I felt the plastic was very good quality and didn’t need to spend the extra on the glass, plus the postage is cheaper….. 🙂

  20. angie,dorchester, MA United States

    they are very nice.. just think if you are doing large party could cost a lot.

  21. ,

    Super Cute, and you can be very creative to send someone an invitation like they have never seen before!

  22. evilda gigliotti,oceanside, NY United States

    not happy at all!

  23. Sheila Walker,Pender, Nebraska United States

    I was very pleased with the quality of the message in a bottle both the plastic and the glass samples I ordered. I was also pleased with the service. I got my order in a very timely manner without any problems. That means alot. The one thing that I was not pleased with was the weight of the box they came in that would be for mailing. The weight of the box really increases the cost of postage. I also found the same items from other companies for less than half the price of your product and it is equal in quality if not better. I would love to buy all of my imvitations from your company, but when I am able to get them so much cheaper elsewhere, what do you recommend?

  24. Hersey, United States

    Very nice looking, very fun especially for a beach destination wedding!

  25. ,Monterey, CA United States

    The bottles are beautiful, but the sand makes the bottle to looks like it has dust inside, so the transparency is affected.

  26. jillrcli,Rockville Centre, NY United States

    These are so unique and beautiful. I love them!

  27. Victoria Lara,Sandy, OR United States

    The sample was adorable, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  28. Laura Manzi,Morristown, NJ United States

    The sample bottle came and was adorable. The quality of the glass exceded my expectations. However, as other reviews said the starfish was crumbled to pieces. I was disappointed because I chose this bottle because of the starfish. I think we will still order but we will order the bottles with the palm tree. :/ still pretty but not my first choice.

  29. Kim Nguyen,Houston, TX United States

    The sample is great! We will definitely place the order!

  30. Lori Mulick,Middletown, NY United States

    For our beach wedding, this is perfect…I love it.

  31. Wanda Brown,Temple Hills, MD United States

    I thought maybe it would have a little more graduate confetti in it instead of the shreds of shimmery paper. But other than that it really is cute and appropriate.

  32. ,Tulsa, OK United States

    We are having a very simple, relaxed wedding on the beach in Mexico and I wanted fun wedding invitations to match the theme. These were the perfect idea and they turned out great!! I can’t wait to hear what our guests think of them.

  33. Erick Sauve,Dollard des Ormeaux, QC Canada

    The sample I received was great. It let me know exactly what I could expect if I used the service, which is what I wanted to know.

  34. brenda,Malaysia

    received the bottle i ordered for my wedding invitation use, good quality and fast shipment, thanks

  35. Terry Gray,Signal Hill, CA United States

    Great product! Other than battling with the post office to retrieve my package, the sample bottles arrived on time. I was not so impressed with the plastic bottle as it arrived with dimples (mashed in) but the glass bottle is PERFECT! We are so excited about our upcoming dinner cruise wedding and using the bottles as invitations. Thank you Message In A Bottle…….sincerely.

  36. melissa hyrne,monroe, MI United States

    Loved them

  37. ,Woodland Park, NJ United States

    Loved the idea – concerned about cost of mailing. I am still considering it!

  38. George Buchert,San Diego, CA United States

    I ordered 60 bottles and 60 corks and paid over $80 for 2 day delivery and the corks were not included in the box.

    I did email the company and they said that they will ship the corks to me ASAP.

  39. Christine Chenoweth,Claremore, OK United States

    The invitations were assembled and shipped really quickly and they looked awesome! Love them and would definitely recommend to others. After receiving the samples, I placed an order for my vow renewal invitations.

  40. Paula Sachs,Margate, FL United States

    I recieved the two samples I wanted to see. One in plastic and one in glass. Both were nice, but I liked the glass better. I did however have a question and have emailed them a few times without response.

  41. nicole ,springfield, MA United States

    i received my sample quick and plan on ordering my actual invitations tonight!

  42. Lori Ausing,Scottsdale, AZ United States

    This is a great product…am going to order for my invitations. Prompt shippment.

  43. NANCY ELLIS,Redford, MI United States

    I loved it. Just what I wanted.

  44. Alisa Wright,Medford, MA United States

    The plastic bottles look very cheap and they are very dusty. If I decide to order, I would definitately go with the glass bottles.

  45. Brittany Gallagher,Pitman, NJ United States

    Love the product, fast shipping. I ordered the sample so I could see and experience exactly how my guests would experience receiving my invitation. However, there was no option to send the invitation besides how the company chooses. I wanted to see how it would arrive the way I wanted to purchase it. For example, I wanted the plastic bottle and for it to be sent with the postage via the company. I received the plastic bottle as requested but in a box with the label/invitee’s name on in which was shipped in a plastic bag type envelope. I wish there was an option to receive the sample EXACTLY how my guests would revive it.

  46. Jennifer B,Alexander, AR United States

    Loved the product. Was exactly how it was pictured. My only complaint is that the starfish was broken on the outside. I’m a little fearful that will happen to some of them when I ship them out. I was impressed enough to order them for our invitations though

  47. Mollie Lightman,Surfers Paradise, Queensland Australia

    The message in a bottle looked great, although, probably from being shaken up in mailing the inside of the bottle was very dusty. Not sure if this was because it stuck to the plastic, maybe glass would be better, but I guess that’s to me expected with sand in a bottle! Still ordered my wedding invitations the same! 🙂

  48. ,Rutherfordton, NC United States

    Thrilled with the sample. Will soon be ordering for an event

  49. Angel Cruz,Bronx, NY United States

    I purchased a bottle invitation. It was awesome. I am a party planner and was asked about a bottle invitation. However, my customer went with a regular style invitation.

  50. Phoof55,Bloomingdale, NJ United States

    I ordered the “Message Bottle Favors” as my wedding favors and I am using this sample as my keepsake.

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